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Why Logic Sometimes Fails You February 20 2017, 0 Comments

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For those of us who are very logical, we might want to suppress our feelings because we do not believe it will serve us well or we might believe that feelings have nothing to do with making good decisions.

The truth is that feelings are just data, so for the highly logical that is great news. Feelings arise normally slowly from the subconscious, or heart, while emotions just flare up in a situation and dissipates rather quickly.

So when you have to make an important decision step back and check in: how do you really feel about it? Why? Who will benefit? Can you create a win win scenario? Is there an opportunity for you to give back? In order to master anything balance must come into play.

Just as making an important decision based on feelings alone is not a wise choice neither is making a choice purely on logic, especially when pressed to make a decision that can change your life. Amazing things happen out of a mix of both logic and the sense to do something different, new, or just a little crazy or outside your comfort zone.

It’s okay to think and feel. It really is. Align your thoughts and your feelings and you’ll be surprised at the amazing and outrageous outcomes.

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Get better results when you stop hustling January 13 2017, 0 Comments



There is a school of thought that you need to hustle hard to get what you want. The issue with this line of thought is that what you hustle to get you will have to hustle to keep. This breeds the negative emotions and thought patterns of depression, anxiety, and worry.

There is a better way. The best selling book in the world reminds us that what we think about and speak about we bring about. We are to live abundantly from the inside out. It is in those times of reflection that we get to tap into our inner guidance, inner genius, and intuition.

It’s not that we don’t work or work hard but that when we do, we should out of this spark of inspiration. Living from the inside out will easily lead you into what feels like synchronicity. You align yourself to opportunities and execute great ideas you might have missed in your effort to hustle your way to the top.

You, my dear, are enough. You don’t need to hustle. The world is waiting for you, the real you, needing you and the glory, talent, gifts, insight, services, and beauty only you can bring. There is no competition for you. When will you start to believe that?

Are you ready to embrace the adventure? January 12 2017, 0 Comments




There are times when you need to just retreat from the rest of the world by yourself in order to connect with your inner guidance. As you invest time in you, it will provide the clear thinking you need in order to move forward. Time and chance happen to everyone. Are you ready to take advantage of it when it does? If the good news you were hoping or wishing for comes to you, are you ready to embrace the adventure? You won’t always have the opportunity to re-evaluate so begin today to meditate and ponder on what you want, for it’s surely coming for you.

The Trickery Of Fatigue January 11 2017, 0 Comments




To everything there is a season, including the righting of any wrongs in your life. If you are going through a tough time, remember to avoid extremes. The last thing you want to do is put something into play that will give you an outcome you really don’t want. When you are fatigued physically or emotionally you might not take as much time as you need to in order to review the details or see situations as they actually are. The pressure can play tricks on you, causing you to be even more mentally restless. It’s a slippery slope to taking your eyes off the good in your life and focusing on what isn’t working out. Take your eyes off the spilled milk and refocus. As you start to count your blessings you’ll feel an energetic shift. This energetic shift will empower you, keeping you centered and balanced as you pass through the storm.

Want to make the law of attraction finally work for you? Do this. January 10 2017, 0 Comments


#CaviarBite #Motivation Podcast Episode 7 Transcript

Ever did your best to work the law of attraction and it just didn’t quite work for you? Your wishes weren’t fulfilled after giving it a go for awhile? There are many elements to making that work.

The first is to go through a death cycle, which means you need to let go of some things that are holding you back, specifically in your thoughts and feelings.

You see, it’s when your thoughts and feelings begin to align that things take place. It is the path to initial fulfillment. Then you will be able to go with the flow.

So how do you figure out what is holding you back in your subconscious?

Try this: take a few deep breaths. Just relax. Now say out loud what you want. How do you feel about it? If you don’t have a smile on your face or feel excited there is something in you that is blocking the opportunities in front of you in order for you to take the next step.

Now don’t get into condemnation. Feelings are just indicators, data points really. It’s just information, but it’s a great place to start. Go through the death and life cycle of the current feelings you are having so that can finally transition to where you need to be.


Want to move at a faster pace? Combine these 3 things. January 09 2017, 0 Comments

Transcript below:

To bring about success in whatever we want we must realize that there is a balance between what we perceive as masculine qualities and feminine ones.

A lion, for example, is considered a male quality. We might think of it as being a ferociously focused person. That has it’s place but we need to know when to temper that with patience and diplomacy, qualities considered more feminine in nature. Having this combination of flow will allow us to move at a faster pace. This will allow for more creativity, harmony, and time with friends and family.

Be outspoken and passionate but always do it with an element of love. Love will align you to what you want and all you do.

Liked today’s podcast? Share it with two others and let me know what you think in the comments. May all your days be like days of heaven on the earth. Tune in tomorrow for another installment of caviar bite motivation.

#MondayMotivation Are you stressed and tired? This is for you! October 31 2016, 0 Comments


This week's Monday Motivation from your intuitive life and business coach, Raquel Soto

Are you wanting to maintain control? You are blocking the change you seek by wanting to possess every aspect. This week is a time to let go and go with the flow.

This will allow you open doors to help you move forward and organize whatever needs to be organized. It'll let you get a clear direction of the next step.

The best way to do this is to stay flexible. Reassess. Are you giving your energy to the most important things? Do you really have to multi-task? What have been your outcomes? Choose priorities this week. This might mean letting go of unfruitful tasks. Pay attention to what you really need. Reorganize so you aren't so stressed and tired.

If this resonating with you please comment below and don't forget to like, share, and subscribe. Till next time, as always, may all your days be like days of heaven on the earth.

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#GuidedMeditation 101: How To Immediately Move Into The Alpha State August 22 2016, 0 Comments

The greatest selling book in the world tells us: As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.

Through the science of quantum physics we are finding how true that statement really is and the power behind it. What we think about we will bring about.

Change your thoughts and you change your world. It's a domino effect. One effective way to do it is through meditation.

If you are new, or not so new, to mediation, you've in all likelihood been told to mediate first thing when you awake or right as you are drifting off to sleep. The reason? You are generally in the Alpha state, at least for the first 15 to 20 minutes.

What is the Alpha state?

The Alpha state is a relaxed awareness and is perfect to enter purposefully into visualization, mediation, and imagination. Most techniques tell you to speak softly, count back from 3, and just tell yourself to be calm.

As a woman, when someone tells you to calm down do you ever calm down? Me neither.

From my experience I have entered the alpha state in as little as a few seconds by using this one technique.


For me, music is the key. Depending on what I want to set my focus on, I pick something that is generally instrumental in nature but is tied as a symbol of what I want. The key here is to find something that your thoughts and feelings can align to, become as one, when you hear it. You'll know it when you hear it. Within seconds your thoughts and feelings start to say... Yes! Yes! Yes!

Some of my favorites

For instance, for some reason Kevin MacLeod's Skye Culillin reminds me of miracles awaiting to happen and are about to burst. 

I listen to his Firesong when I feel a shift to be more warrior like, which is highly effective for me in prayer. 

Then there are the non-instrumentals, like Katy Perry's Rise that puts me in a state of complete awareness that God is on my side and I can do whatever it is I set myself to. 

There's also something, for me, about Native American music, so Ly-o lay ale loya helps me to relax and sway and just be while Inka Spirit I use often as the backdrop when I get into the speaking stage.

It doesn't have to be difficult. You don't have to struggle. 

Try this with some of your favorite music.

Find a place where you can put on your headphones and be undisturbed, even if that means just going to the library, locking yourself in the bathroom, or sitting a park bench. It can even be, as most would suggest, right there in your bed.

Now put on your headphones and quiet yourself down by just allowing music to wash over you, coming in agreement with the thoughts and feelings toward what you want.

Are you aligning yet? Can you feel the shift?

If you can't you might have the wrong kind of music on. What do you feel? What thoughts are coming up? Are they congruent with what you are saying you believe you want? Or are negative thoughts coming up like:

This is stupid.

This doesn't work.

What time was that dental appointment again?

Find what works for you. 

I tend to rush out of bed out of habit, so staying in bed and meditating doesn't work for me. I get up, go to the bathroom, brush my teeth, make coffee and then meditate and pray. As a mom of three I get up before everyone else to have my me time.

However I have found that there are times I would like to meditate during the day so I looked for the key that would allow me to quickly get into a relax state.

Perhaps music doesn't do it for you; it doesn't have to.

The takeaway for you is to find what puts you in a relaxed state within seconds, outside of drinking, smoking, and/or taking drugs of course. Think soft and happy. It could be as easy as thinking on the last time you felt peaceful and filled with joy. Hold that memory for as little as a minute. You're thinking of it now aren't you? You should see your face.

Feel that? That's how you know you've entered it. You feel free, relaxed, and a sweet calm.

Welcome to the alpha state.

What's your favorite way to enter into it?

Till next time,

~Your #CaviarBite Coach, Raquel


Powerful Secret #1 To Moving Forward Easily June 12 2016, 0 Comments

You're about to shatter a lie you believe and in doing so you will move forward today.


One of the lies you believe is:

It isn’t the right time.

Frankly yes, this can be true that it isn’t the right time. We get into these mindsets, don’t we? We tell ourselves these things when things are not working out. We tell ourselves this when we are doing and doing and doing and doing and nothing seems to be happening. It doesn’t seem to be working. We then excuse what is going on, or the lack thereof, with saying it isn’t the right time.

You might be right. Perhaps it’s not the right time. It might not be the right time because you’re missing a component of training. You might be missing a component of getting your mind right for your success. You might be missing the component of how to activate your energy in order to get things done. You might simply need help in organization and prioritization.

When thinking about why things aren’t working you must attack these lies first. The lies within the truth that we believe need to be exposed. Exposure dissipates the power of the lie.

Exposure dissipates the power of a lie


If it’s the truth that sets you free it’s a lie that keeps you captive ~ Lance Wallnau

Today is the day that your captivity is stripped away as the lies are being exposed to set you free.

Although it might be true in a sense that this isn’t the right time, we tend to give power to it. When we start to think along the lines of “It wasn’t the right time for me”, it starts to strip away the beauty of our creativity because we start to say and believe that this isn’t the right time. We start there and then think, “Maybe it’s later,”. It’s always far off. It’s never now.

The issue with that is that NOW faith is. Faith and belief is a now moment. It’s never really for the future. Hope anchors you for the future, but faith is about now.


NOW faith is…

hope anchors you for the future, but faith is about the now


When you are thinking about the timing of things there is wisdom to that. You know this if you have children. If you have a car you aren’t going to give your seven year old the keys to your car. It’s not time for your seven year old to drive yet. Your 16 year old might have a license but that doesn’t mean you want to entrust your car to your child just yet. There’s a timing to it. I don’t want you to get so bogged down in the timing of things to use that as your excuse to procrastinate and put things off.

Some of the lies we tell ourselves about time are:

  • It’s not the right time because I have kids right now
  • It’s not the right time because I just got married
  • It’s not the right time because I just got a new job
  • It’s not the right time because my job is so hectic
  • It’s not the right time because I have to lose weight first
  • It’s not the right time because I don’t look the part
  • It’s not the right time because we don’t feel ready

Strip away the power that you give over it’s not the right time.

There is a right time right now for something. What you need to focus on, to really get in tuned with is, “What is it?” "What is the right time right now for the next step? "


Excerpt of the upcoming Kindle release: Moving Forward Is Easy: Once You Shatter These Lies (©) Raquel Soto All rights reserved.


#MicroBlog There will never be a good time when you give over your power to this March 07 2016, 0 Comments


Today's #CaviarBite from your #15SecondCoach #RaquelSoto

Fear justifies our excuses. When you observe the wrong things there will never be a good time, so say no to fear.

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