#FabulousFitFriday Will all that water you're drinking give you a heart attack? That and other diet myths exposed! September 11 2015, 0 Comments

One of my favorite people on YouTube is Dr. Berg. If you haven't seen him action, you're about to. He's hilarious! My favorite part of his videos is his facial expressions. Catch the sarcastic looks. LOL

In this interview he reveals the myth about all that water you've been told you should be drinking. Frankly, I knew this by instinct. I drink when I'm thirsty and stop when I'm full. I know people who walk around with a gallon. Really? That is so unappealing to me, but that is just me. 

Here's the amazing Dr. Berg:



So here are a few diet myths:

  1. You need to drink half your weight in ounces daily. FALSE. You don't need to drink all that water. Now if you are taking in fiber supplements you will need extra water or you can get constipated. However, you don't need as much as you think you need or what you have been told. Watch the short video and get empowered.
  2. You need to cut out fat from your diet. FALSE You need fat daily and you should have a bit with every meal. What kinds of fats? Good fats like olive oil, coconut oil, nuts, avocados, and even butter! Yes, butter! Your body can break that down easier and it's overall much healthier than margarine. 
  3. You need to cut your calories to lose weight. True and False. If you are already eating more than you need to (you know if you are), then yes, you need to eat fewer calories. If you aren't sure how much you are currently eating, I would highly recommend you investing in yourself by investing a few minute a day logging it in. My Fitness Pal is an amazing free online tool. They have an app to, if you would rather use your phone. This is how I was first able to get my eating under control that helped me go from a size 14 to a size 6 in 90 days. Use it! What MFP helped me see as well was that I was eating to little! Although I was trying to to stay within my net calories, there came a point where I had to eat more or the scale would not move. Using something like MFP will help you break any plateaus because you are logging in your food and activities so you get a sense of how your energy is being spent.
  4. You can't lose five pounds in a week. True and False. I know people who were more than 200 pounds do this easily. However, they were more than 200 pounds. When you start out on your journey you might have more to lose (+50 pounds), so when you start it is easier to drop the weight quickly and it not be water weight. However, if you are close to your set point, you might not be able to do this without it just being water weight and you will gain it back. Dropping the weight quickly on the onset gives you motivation to keep going. Honestly, the reason you started should be motivation enough. Choose to fit and healthy over va va voom hot.
  5. You can get all your nutrition from food. FALSE I remember hearing Dr. Oz (yes; that Dr. Oz) state that one of the main reasons that people don't lose weight or maintain it off is because of nutrition. They aren't feeding their body what it needs to burn fat and work at it's optimum. You can't possibly eat everything you need to in a day, so he recommends you take a daily supplement. This makes sense, doesn't it? I know people who have been losing weight once they incorporated a good supplement. Why? Because their body was craving nutrition! Give the body what it needs and it thrives. Everyone's body works differently, so find something that makes a difference for you. I have tried all kinds and really didn't notice a difference at all, until I started on NutraBurst. I personally love it. It's like having 10 organic salads in one shot. Now that's some good nutrition!

Hope you found the video and editorial helpful.

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