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"Everyone is motivated but not everyone is motivated the way you are motivated. There are motivations in you that you might not be aware of. By understanding your own core motivations you will be able to detect why you fall into bad habits and, in turn, create disruptions into those bad habits, and create actions for momentum to success.

Understanding your motivations will create the spark you need because when you will come against a wall you will need to motivate yourself. You will not always have a coach available, your favorite book memorized, or your best friend there to pick you up. However, as you connect to the core of who you really are you will be able to detect when you are veering away from your goals and put yourself back on track.

Think of motivation as your own fire starter. It not only sparks you, but it fuels you to continue on the path of your choosing, the path that will bring you the most success...

Once you can detect your triggers you can leverage it to be the driving force in the things you want to do. If you don’t know what really triggers you, you will become disorganized, mismanage your time and resources, and slow down your process."

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