The Most Exquisite Gift You Can Give To Yourself And Others September 28 2015, 0 Comments

Last night I was speaking to my six year old as we worked on his school assignment. The question was: how do you know that your parents love you?

As we talked about love and how to practically show it, he mentioned to me the many ways of how he knew that I loved him, most of which could be wrapped up in a simple word.

It is the gift that is short, valuable, and irreplaceable. Once it's gone, it's gone. It can be thief of dreams if you allow it be chocked, it can reveal deception if you allow it to run it's course, the secrets of it can help you succeed in ways you have yet to imagine.


Time is the most exquisite gift you can give to yourself and others. It's a precious commodity. Once that moment is gone, it's gone, only to be replayed through memories, which can be distorted. 

Focus on the past and you cripple your present and future. Focus on the future, it can make the present very exciting. 

Every day you get a fresh new batch if you are blessed to live through it: 86,400 seconds. 

Below are five ways on how to make the gift of 86,400 seconds work for you:

  • Get organized so it flows with the rest: Start to use your calendar. You have at least one if you have a smart phone. If you don't have one, take a walk to your nearest dollar store. It will help you to start to get focused and expose the time stealers in your midst. You will be surprised to know why things are the way they are once you start to inventory how you use your 24 hour gift of time.
  • Habits: what you do habitually is what will provide a continual harvest for you. Your success or failure will be found in your daily habits. Habits are created over time. Most people say it takes about 21 days to create a new habit (you can't actually break a habit; only disrupt it and super impose a new routine, but that's for a later post). But did you know that to make it a part of your natural routine you need to do it for about a season (90 days)? Whatever you do for 90 days will be ingrained in you and will become part of your routine. Your daily routine will let you know if you are headed for success or failure. What routine do you need to implement?
  • Quiet: Turn your phone off and step away from technology completely. Go do something that is non-tech related: get some exercise; go for walk and explore your neighborhood; read a book. Let your senses take it all in. There are things you are missing when you don't slow down enough to recognize them.
  • Write it down: writing things down is effective because it takes it out of your thoughts and into the realm of where you can physically see it. For most people, if you can physically see it, it helps to move you toward it. Making excuses that you can keep it in your head is just code for being to lazy. You can't possibly keep everything in your head and even if you could, why would you want to clutter it with a list? Write down what's important and what you would like to do for the day. Then get to work and tackle it. Over time, patterns will emerge. You'll begin to see what you are avoiding and then can ask important questions like: why am I avoiding this? Why do I hate it? Can I outsource this somehow? What are my options? How important to me is this? Other patterns will emerge like: why am I spending so much time watching tv? What are these activities/non-activities really doing for me? Are these things drawing me closer to what I want or farther away? You can't fix what you refuse to evaluate.
  • Connecteverything you want is found in someone else, and vice versa. The more you connect with people the more opportunity you will have to share what only you can bring to the table. Connection also allows you the options you need in order to succeed in whatever it is you desire. This is particularly true with the ones you love: your family and friends. The more time you invest in being present with them (yes; put your phone down or away), the more they feel loved. When they feel loved, they feel safe. When they feel safe, they will open up in ways to you that will so enrich your life nothing will seem to compare. Think quality verses quantity.

It is estimated that every second two people have died. If it took you two minutes to read this, already over 400 people have died. But you live. You have an opportunity this moment to do good, share your gifts and talents, make a difference in someone's life just by being present with them.

Your time is the most amazing gift you can share that is under your complete control.

How will you invest in you today? How will you share the gift of you with someone else?

Till next time,



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