How To Conquer All Things In Five Ways October 12 2015, 0 Comments

"Energy and persistence conquer all things..." ~ Benjamin Franklin

Persistence. It's the course you must take in spite of opposition in order to be successful in anything you want to do. Anything worth while will not only take effort, but prolonged effort. 

While you might know this intellectually, the truth is that many give up before what they really wanted to come to pass shows up. They turn away right at the point of the breakthrough. It was that one other thing they were going to do; that one other conversation; that one more try.

We know the stories of many by now of those that have gone before us that failed their way to success: Einstein, Edison, Ford, and Disney just to name a few. Somehow we forget what they had to go through and just remember what they achieved. 

So today I will reveal to you the secrets to conquer all things by motivating yourself to be persistent.

#1: See the end from the beginning

What we remember about Einstein, Edison, Ford and Disney were mostly their successes, not their failures. When history looks back on what you have accomplished the focus will be on what you contributed, not on what you failed to do. In order to push through the hard times that come, because they will come, you must be able to see your end from the beginning.

How do you accomplish this? HERE

Create a vision both physically and mentally of what you want to accomplish. Vision boards are great for this because it puts your goal in front of you continually.

You did this all the time as a child. You would put posters in your room of people you admired. You wanted to be like them in a way. You might have worn clothes like them, danced like them, spoken like them. Why? Because you fed your mind with images of who you wanted to be like. Get back to being child-like and this time do it on purpose. Fill your space with what you want so that your mind starts to work out for you on how to get it.

What we continually see we will become.

#2 & #3 Know what you want and how much you are willing to pay for it

Do you know what you want? No, really. Knowing what you actually want is half the battle. Some people don't really know what they want. If you ask them, they are vague: I want to lose weight, have a job, make some money. How much weight? A half ounce? What kind of job? Will minimum wage due? How much money? How's 25 cents.

Be specific. The more specific you can be more focused you can be. How will you know you hit the target unless you have one?

The next step is to determine how much you are willing to pay for it. Some people want to be millionaires, but refuse to do the things that millionaires commonly due: like use their travel time to listen to motivation messages, put physical items around them that will inspire them to do what they really want to do or to have what they really want to have, keep track of how they use their time, making sure to work on personal development continually, getting a coach, or even just stopping to think.

Everything comes at a price. Nothing is really free. You will need to choose what is more important and do more of that and not what you say is important but you really don't spend any time on it. The proof of what is really important to you is where you are putting your energy and your focus.

Take baby steps. You don't have to do everything at once and be a master your first time out. You just need to get going.

#4 Birds of a feather really do flock together but do eagles have to fly alone?

It is said that we are sum parts of the five people we hang around with the most. If you are the smartest person in your group, you need to be part of another group of people that will be able to exchange ideas with you and help pull out your potential. If you are the most ambitious in your group, you need to be in a new group that is already accomplishing what you want or is at another higher level than you are. If you are the only one in the group that takes care of yourself... you see where I am going with this.

I am in way suggesting that you leave people behind, but this does go back to what I previously stated: what are you willing to pay to get what you say you want?

Below is a video from my 15 Second Coach series I do on Instagram, providing further insight on the relationships we have. Click on the image below to start the 15 second video (click it again to stop the loop from Instagram).


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#5 Be singularly minded

Others are not going to understand in part or even completely your vision, what you want to accomplish. That's okay. It's not there's anyway. It's your vision for you to accomplish with the help from other people. Who those others are will present themselves as you keep going. 

In other words, become obsessive. A bit more on that subject in the below 15 second coaching video:


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There will be times that in order for you to stay on your persistent path you will need encouragement.

But that's for next week's post.