Crush Fear over 15 days with your personal GPS, 15 Second Coach Raquel Soto

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I love your 15 second videos. Always gets me thinking ~ Sonia Zuniga, Entrepreneur 

These 15 success tips focus on quick caviar bites to take you from fearful to powerful in 15 days!

Created by your 15 Second Coach and personal GPS Raquel Soto, this incredible resource was inspired by the Instagram Vlog series.

This particular series hits the DISC business personality types:

Something for everyone in this series!

In this powerful resource you will receive the 15 tips to crush fear. Included are the tips in:

15 micro videos

15 audios

Micro ebook with the 15 tips which also include

 More details on the DISC business personality and why it's important

 How to spot them and what makes each type so valuable

Links to free resources