About Us

We use the stages of metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly as the pattern for our system.  From concept to transition to breakthrough to flight.

Our passion is to midwife the destiny of those we encounter in whatever stage they are in.  We believe that everyone is made with a great purpose and count it an honor to play a small role in their metamorphosis.


With over 10 years experience in helping people break their limitations, primarily through the arts (videos, speaking, writing) Raquel Soto is a prolific and cutting edge writer and thought leader. Her sensible, constructive, and no-nonsense approach to recognizing and dealing with self defeating behaviors that stand in the way of success in your life is her specialty. Understanding how habits form and how to overshadow them through practical steps and using your personality as the catalyst for change is her focus in helping people break free and move forward. Her work has been called, "insightful... inspiring... life-changing".



“Watch out for a Raquel Soto! This prolific and cutting edge writer is most refreshing in her delivery of the written word. She offers a Biblical, sensible, constructive, and no-nonsense approach to recognizing and dealing with self defeating behaviors that stand in the way of success in your life.”  TV/Radio Host, Speaker, and Author Dr. Candace House 

“Raquel Soto captures the thoughts of God’s heart and translates them into relevant truth in a personal, practical and life-changing way.” Speaker and Author Brenda Craig

“…Her writing brings me a clearer picture of my attitude and calms my spirit…” Author Scott Neth

“Her words and insights are Spirit filled. When you read what God has put in her heart, the power of the Holy Spirit will wash over you. She is a lighthouse used by God to direct those in the storm to look not at the winds and waves that crash around us, but look at our Savior who is in the boat with us…” Theodocia McLean Owner of The Book Attic

“I love this book!” (The 1 Minute Guide to Health, Wealth, and Happiness: Wisdom from the book of Proverbs) Corky Snell; wife of Pastor Jay Snell

On Amazon re: Meditations For Success:

5 Star Review: qualita pendergrass

Thank you Raquel! The meditations are awesome. This is just what I needed in my busy work day! I truly enjoyed the pertinent scripture references that refreshed and edified my “spirit man.” All of the meditations were direct and to the point. I would recommend these meditations to everyone who feels they are too busy to stop and hear God’s word for direction during their day.

5 star Review: Quick Wisdom for a Busy Life: Scott Neth

I really enjoyed these quick words. I will listen again and again. To merely call these insightful or inspiring would be a gross understatement. Raquel sets a sturdy platform on which you may build your day, indeed your business. I have been blessed by this prolific leader’s teachings more than once and would recommend this series to anyone. These are not just for business owners or salesmen but for anyone and everyone who interacts with people, be it in a business or a ministry setting or if you just need some wisdom for taking the helm of the ship called ‘family’. These valuable tools bring insight and adjust your mindset to one of success. If you have believed a Christian should not enjoy success you have been sadly misinformed. These inspiring and uplifting tracks offer new focus and should be a prominent tool in any library. If you were trying to decide if you should make this purchase or not, buy two.



With over 30 years experience in the beauty and cosmetic industry, Senior Aesthetician, Master Makeup Artist, cosmetics-line creator, Beauty Industry trainer, Karla K. Hurst is a sought after Transition Coach, Beauty Industry Specialist and Business Consultant to many in the marketplace as a voice of wisdom and experience in life and business. Her greatest joy is to see lives transformed by the renewing of the mind.

Karla specializes in business coaching and consulting new entrepreneurs, helping them maximize their skills and gifts. With a heart-felt desire to help others “unwrap and unpack” their gifts and talents, her own are now in popular demand as a business encourager, trainer, consultant, coach and mentor. “You simply cannot consider yourself successful in your endeavors, if you’ve trained no one to do what you know how to do”, Hurst says.