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Dayna Belcher
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Kwame Huntley

Licensed Massage Therapist 



This week's hot topic: The Mindset That Always Wins

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With over 10 years experience in helping people break their limitations, Raquel Soto is a prolific and cutting edge writer and thought leader. Her sensible, constructive, and no-nonsense approach to recognizing and dealing with self defeating behaviors that stand in the way of success in your life is her specialty. Her work has been called, "insightful... inspiring... life-changing". 

Other reactions for Raquel's webinars:

"It's amazing knowing you, my life has been enriched tremendously in such a short period..." ~ Gina Nnanna 

"Wow! The training is so awesome!" ~ Carole

"Raquel, you are an excellent teacher "~ Maria

"You are such an encourager, Raquel" ~ Anne

"Thanks for the faith booster shot!" ~ Suzanne

"This girl ROCKS both the natural and the spiritual world! Such a beautiful Renaissance woman of both right and left brains!" ~ Cathy H

"Thank you for this webinar. It is very inspiriing with great wisdom and rich in content" ~ Rose